Rise is still down and it's causing MAJOR impacts!

Jan 20, 2022


I'm trying to login to our Rise account and it just says "Your computer is offline". When I click refresh, it says "Your session has timed out." 

I also briefly go into my dashboard and it says I don't have any courses. I'm concerned that our courses to preview Articulate to see if it's worth investment are now gone.

We are very concerned because the status page is not reflecting this reality. On social media other users are noticing this as well. We will be hesitant to invest in this kind of system, if there is this high level of disruption and lackluster support. We hope to see this resolved immediately. 


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Tishara O'Connell

I am experiencing this issue as well and getting very nervous. I also checked the status page and it says there are no operations impacts, but I am receiving the "Your computer is offline" message as well after clearing cache, rebooting my computer and trying a difference browser.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I am under a deadline.

Thank you.

Lea Agato

Hi folks! Earlier today, we had some technical problems in Rise resulting in a session time out or a page indicating it’s offline. We know you count on being able to use Rise, and we’re sorry for the trouble. We have resolved this at around 10:45pm ET and you should now be able to use Rise without any issues.

The best place to keep up with scheduled maintenance and any other availability info is our Articulate status page, and you can subscribe to get an email anytime we update that page.