Rise Issues with transferring courses to another author


I was using the transfer course function last week with a colleague and there seem to be a few bugs popping up when the courses are transferred. I noticed that the author became visible (easy to hide) and that the header image disappeared from the preview tile (was present in the resource). I'm now nervous there may be other bugs I have not noticed.

  1. Is there a known bug list of things I can check?
  2. I know collaboration on the one resource will solve this issue - when is that due for release please?

Thank you :)

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Sharon! Sorry to hear that you ran into an issue with this.

That's not one that I've heard of and a quick search doesn't show me anything related either. If you'd like to share your Rise course with us so that we can take a look, I'd encourage you to reach out to our support team here. We do not have a list of issues to check.

The collaborators feature is still targeted for Q2, but I do not have a more specific date or information to share at this time.