Rise - Link to SharePoint video

I have a video hosted on one of our Office 365 SharePoint video channels. These videos generate an iframe code. However, Rise doesn't like the code: "Please insert a valid URL or iframe". I pasted in the code below and would really love to get this solved to prevent embedding large video files in Rise.

<iframe width=640 height=360 src='https://OURCOMPANYNAMEHERE.sharepoint.com/portals/hub/_layouts/15/VideoEmbedHost.aspx?chId=e1f4d94e%2D596b%2D4e3e%2Db915%2D898b5cf940d7&amp;vId=fa2938ab%2D6271%2D46be%2Dbfaa%2De9c67c1848e3&amp;width=640&amp;height=360&amp;autoPlay=false&amp;showInfo=true' allowfullscreen></iframe>

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Crystal Horn
Scott Byers

Any way to make the video allow being enlarged? The allowfullscreen string seems not to work. The single quote mark after the word false throws me off...

showInfo=false' allowfullscreen"

Actually, I see changing the video settings Embed Width got me what I wanted. Thanks!