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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jordan,

We're still working on the Collaborators feature which will allow you to share, co-author, and edit a Rise course with another user, even if that individual is outside of your 360 Teams account.  So that would be the way in which you could share it with your Employer. This feature should  be rolled out to you in Q1 '17, so stay tuned! 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Meghan,

Sorry for the delay - but not yet! 

We're still working on elements of the Collaborators feature, and we'll keep folks posted once it is live. 

You can keep an eye on E-Learning Heroes Community as we've been starting a new discussion for these popular features and/or responding in all the older discussions we can find. Our team also is updating the “What’s New” page and you would see mention of this on the Rise Version History and Release notes once it's rolled out. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Meghan! 

The Collaborators feature is still in the works. But you're spot on, once that feature is released you and your teammates can work on the same Rise course.

We're also working on a feature to "Send a copy" of a Rise course. That would allow you to send it to anyone else with a 360 subscription so that you'd each retain a separate copy to edit. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Mich,

Yup - it's still on it's way! 

The "What's New" page is a place for us to highlight some new things or features we know have been really hot topics, but it doesn't include everything we've got on the roadmap for Rise or other Articulate 360 tools. That would be more than we could list! 

Once the collaborators feature is rolled out, we will respond in as many forum discussions as we can - as long as your subscribed to ones like this, I don't think you'll miss it. 🙂

Michelle Allan

Hi Ashley,

I'm not worried about missing the release announcement – not having this feature is affecting my team and it's very difficult planning for our future without more concrete release dates from the Rise staff. I'm finding this increasingly frustrating, and I'm sure others are too.


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Mich,

Thanks for the clarification.

We release features as soon as they’re done so we can get them in your hands as fast as possible.  

We know how important the Collaborators feature is, and our team is hard at work getting it out. 

I share the “What’s New, What’s Next” page  as it's the best way right now to see what we have in the immediate development pipeline. Again, sometimes we’ll develop a feature so fast, it’s out before we can even add it there! 😊