Rise module not displaying properly in portrait view

Mar 06, 2020

Hi there!

Just a quick one. I've today completed a Rise module which displays perfectly on mobile (Samsung 7 Edge), desktop and tablet when viewed landscape (Ipad mini).

Unfortunately when I view the module on tablet via portrait, the text layers over the cover photo for some reason.

Could you take a look and see if this is something you've experienced before?


(Happy to send a link to the live module if needed)Ipad mini display

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Crystal Horn

Hello, Rach. My sample course is working on a few different iPad setups with Chrome. I used really long course details, and toggled between portrait and landscape views, but I couldn't get the text to overlap.

If you can share the link with me, I'm happy to test further! You can reply with it here or send it along privately. Also what is the model and update version of the iPad you're using?


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