Rise: "Open Book" Button/Link

Feb 23, 2022

We provide an Open Book link in our quizzes. When clicked, a new tab opens displaying the flipbook for that course, encouraging students to use their online flipbooks to find answers.

We would love to move from Storyline to Rise for our quiz development. Is there a way to include an Open Book button or link on each page of a quiz?

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Karl Muller

Hi Bart,

You cannot add buttons to a Quiz, but you can add a link to any text.

Where do your flipbooks exist, and in what file format are they?

Assuming a PDF that exists on an external web site, you can add a text link to the flipbook resource for each question within a Rise Quiz. 

Note that how external web based resources open (same window, new window, new tab) can vary based on the browser settings for each device.