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Tom Kuhlmann

The process interaction is going to push the content cards up which could create that movement where it goes up/down. One fix is to have about the same type of content size with images and text characters so it doesn't have that movement.

You can also play around with other blocks to create a "process" interaction. For example, the image carousel works if the content is saved as an image. I will add the text/images in PowerPoint and save the slides as .png

Timeline interactions are also a good substitute. They look a little different and go up/down, but they work well as process interactions, too.

Jeffrey Davis

Does this mean that the only transition available is the "slide to the left" movement?  I was hoping for fade as an option. So that text and image of one slide fade to the next, like PPT does. I realize that the number of text lines push the image up or down from slide to slide, but a fade of this content instead of the slide-to-the-left thing would be easier on the eyes.