Rise progress not saving in Moodle LMS

Hi there,

Is anyone else have problems with Rise courses not saving progress in Moodle?

We've had a number of users come back and say that they're finding courses lose a bunch of tracked progress when they go back in to the SCORM packages. I've attached screenshots from one student who completed the course, but went back in later to find almost half the blue ticks had disappeared.

We've already had a poke around Moodle and it appears that we're doing everything we can as far as those settings go. We're using SCORM 1.2 as Moodle doesn't fully support SCORM2004 or xAPI.

Progress tracking is very important to us as part of our business requirements so we're keen to get this fixed as soon as possible.




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Matthew Bibby

If it is remembering some progress but not all, that suggests that you may have a suspend data issue. SCORM 1.2 only allocates a small amount of space for resume data, if you exceed this, it won't remember anything further. You can fix this by publishing to SCORM 2004 3rd edition, but as your LMS doesn't support that, I guess that isn't an option!