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Jan 11, 2018


Is there any way of revealing whether an answer is correct/incorrect but then not highlighting the correct answer (if user has answered incorrectly)?



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Ellen Price

Thanks for your quick response, Alyssa. Any idea if a solution is in the works? Are you able to log my +1 or do I need to do that elsewhere?

My learners are required to score 70% on the assessment to earn credit. If they score less than 70%, they are able to re-take the assessment, but I'm not sure how productive that is without providing any type of feedback. It's certainly not best practices.

Do you have any suggestions for making this assessment a more productive learning opportunity within the current constraints of the Rise Quiz?

On the Quiz title page, I've indicated that the user can go back and review any portion of the course before re-taking the quiz (maybe they'll notice a mistake they made on the quiz?). I've also built a lesson after the quiz that discusses each answer and provides references and links back to content within the course, but a learner can't access this page without achieving 70% (again, to avoid giving all the correct answers before they have passed).

Is this the best I can do? Happy to hear from anyone who has worked around this. Thanks!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Ellen!

This feature isn't on our immediate roadmap, but I've logged your request for it.

Another option is to take the questions from the quiz and add them as knowledge check questions within their appropriate lessons. This will give the learner an opportunity to "practice" the questions in the context of the lesson before seeing the questions again on the quiz. 

The community may have other ideas, so I'll open the floor for their suggestions!

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