Rise: Quiz Data Sent to an LMS - Clarification Please

I have read about the new feature 'Quiz Data Sent to an LMS' and would like to clarify one of the notes at the bottom please.

It says 'When a course is set to track by progress, quiz answers are reported to your LMS, but without a score.' I wasn't sure what this note meant and would like to check if it adversely affects our current set up and if we can now utilise the Quiz data feature.

We currently have a passing score set at 80% in the Quiz settings and export using type LMS and xAPI(Tin Can). We track using quiz result and currently receive the percentage result of each user. Will we now also receive the Quiz data from the new feature, or is the note saying we can have the Quiz data now but not the score? We must have the score, but it would be good to utilise the Quiz data now as well.

Thank you!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Dianne! 

Because you are tracking using quiz result, you will see both a quiz score and quiz answers for each learner. All is good! 👍

If you were tracking by course completion, meaning the learner would be marked as complete if they viewed 100% of the lessons in the course, then you would not see the quiz score. 

I hope that helps to clarify!