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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Debby!

Are you viewing on a mobile device perhaps? When I view on my computer, I do not have to scroll to see my selection and the feedback:

Of course if I had longer questions, more choices, or my screen was smaller, this would change. Also remember that Rise courses are responsive. Read more about that here.

That's the great thing about immediate feedback, the user did just choose :) Maybe more detailed feedback could also prevent the need to scroll back as well?

I'd love to hear what others have done.

Debby Hancock

Thank you, but that example is not a realistic question.
When you have even a simple question and 4 simple answer choices, the entire question cannot be seen after submitting. It results in perpetual scrolling up and down for each question. Its' the same on the tablet and other devices.

There is so much vertical white space between everything. Makes is pretty unusable for any number of questions. See below.

Before the submit (this one fits ok, but some do not):

After the submit (even the simplest questions require scrolling to see the original question with the explanation):


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Debby,

I understand and what you are saying makes sense.

I'm not able to see the specific images that you've shared here as it looks like you may have responded via e-mail, but I'd be happy to submit a feature request on your behalf with your examples if you are able to pop back in and share or you are welcome to submit it here.