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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi David,

Each question in a Rise quiz will have points determined based on the overall number of questions, out of the possible score of 100%. So you'll see that if you had 3 questions, you'll see each question is worth approximately 33%, and once you add a 4th question they are now each worth 25%. 

Are you looking to weight the questions differently, or assign points by answer choice as you can do in Storyline? Let me know, and it's something I can share with our Product team! 

LangO Scripting Crew

Hi there Ashley, thanks for the latest release re scores submission to LMS from Rise. Super cool! The only thing we're missing is being able to weigh different questions/quizzes as well as scores from multiple quizzes (not just one). Any thoughts on whether this would be on the roadmap anytime soon? Thanks again. 

Robert Auchenpaugh

I ran into this issue today. Normally I author in Storyline, but this set of courses I'm doing now needs to be in Rise.  The department requesting the courses wanted the questions weighted individually, but alas, I can't do it in Rise. 

I would love to see this enhancement added into the queue...!