Rise Regularly Logging Me Out??

Nov 27, 2018

Hey Everybody,

I'm relatively new to Articulate and Rise and just learning the ropes, but I seem to get logged out of Rise regularly, wherein I try to upload an image into a block or similar and Rise reports an upload issue.  I find that as soon as I try to return to my course library it wants me to sign in again.  Once I do, I return to my course and the upload works fine.  But this seems to happen regularly (several times in an hour).

I'm running the latest Chrome browser, with a very stable internet connection, and have not logged into Rise on any other devices or browsers.  I can't seem to find an article to advise on this.  Any thoughts?! :)

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Raman. It looks like Phil had a Chrome browser extension that was conflicting with his Rise 360 authoring sessions. Turning it off fixed the behavior.

Are you having some issues with staying logged into Rise 360? You can share details with us by replying here or privately in a case (which browser you use, and if there are any plugins or extensions). We'll be happy to help!

Phil Cobley
Raman Mehta

@Phil Cobley, Is it resolved or did you find any solution?

Hi Raman, apologies for not replying sooner.  I did find a solution - this was actually caused by a Chrome extension, "HTTPS Everywhere" which is designed for improved security and forces sites to use HTTPS instead of insecure HTTP protocols.  The extension was actually causing my session to silently log out frequently in the background, which was causing the upload and refresh issues.  I removed the extension and it all worked again without any issues.

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