Rise reporting course completed when quiz failed

Dec 16, 2020


I have a Rise course that has a Storyline block, and the course uses the Storyline Quiz Results Data for LMS reporting. The issue I am having is when the quiz is failed, the course still gets reported as complete, and is removed from the transcript in the LMS. 

I generated an SL SCORM file to see how it works. It worked just as expected - if the quiz is failed, the course is "in progress", instead of being dropped from the list.

Can someone help me understanding the problem with the Rise course issue? Is there a way to have the course reported as incomplete when the test is failed? I published both SL block and Rise course using SCORM 2004  4th Edition.

Thank you for your help!


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Crystal Horn

Hi Xianming,

Thanks for reporting this behavior. I am seeing the same thing on my end:

  • Storyline content published alone with SCORM 2004 4th ed as passed/incomplete shows as incomplete when the quiz is failed.
  • Rise course with Rise quiz published with the same settings shows as incomplete when the quiz is failed.
  • But a Rise course published with these settings that tracks a Storyline quiz is showing complete even though the fail status is also coming through.

My team is going to dig into why that's happening, and I'll share an update here as soon as I can.

In the meantime, there is a workaround that will require the learner pass the Storyline quiz in the block in order to mark the Rise course as complete in the LMS. Instead of publishing the Storyline course to track by quiz, you can track by course completion trigger which is only accessed in the success layer of the quiz results slide. There's more detail on that in Step 1 here. I hope that's helpful for now!

Paula Warrington

I have a Rise course that tracks a SL quiz (SCORM 2004 4th ed). Recently learners are reporting that when they successfully pass the quiz on a second attempt, the result is not being passed to the LMS (Bb Grade Centre). Bb is set to grade the last SCORM attempt and this has always worked in the past.

Could it be that the first (failed) attempt is now being treated as 'complete' and the second (passed) attempt disregarded? Thank you for any advice you can offer!

Lea Agato

I'm sorry to hear the complete course trigger isn't working for you anymore, Xianming.  I'm not aware of any changes around this that could affect the functionality.  Would you be able to share your Storyline course so we can troubleshoot? If you want to share it privately, you can upload it here. We'll share our findings as soon as we've reviewed your project file.