Rise Request: Lock Courses to Prevent Changes and/or Accidental Deletion

Jun 28, 2018

I have caught myself on more than one occasion modifying the wrong Rise course. Wondering whether there's enough demand to add a lock function at the course level to prevent accidental change or deletion.  Maybe add it to the course menu as shown in the picture?

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Georg Volmer

I would also like to add my voice to the call for this feature. In my opinion it is essential to be able to lock a course from editing, while still being able to view its contents. It is hard to understand how this feature isn't on the immediate roadmap. E-Learning Portfolios in Companies are growing, so are the teams that create and manage them. If Rise had a version history, where you could track changes and restore old versions, I would understand that this feature isn't pursued. But since there is no such thing, the lock feature would be an alternative. Sadly it seems we're stuck with making a duplicate whenever we're making a willingful change to a course. 

Georg Volmer

Hello to all participants in this discussion. I have already stated my reasoning on the indispensability of this feature. However, I think that this is not enough. So I would like to ask you all to create a feature request for such a feature. It may be annoying, but it works. From my experience I can say that it may take some time, but every now and then indispensable features are implemented by Articulate. So we have to keep presenting the importance of this. So please submit your feature request here.

Joseph Valentine

I've been looking for the same sort of thing. I do a monthly newsletter in Rise. Most months I started the next months issue only a day or 2 after the previous one goes out. It's far too easy to start making changes to the wrong issue...so far no disasters, but I've come close. Sadly, it's been almost 5 years since this thread started, and apparently there's still no solution. It reminds me of the "Change bullet color in Rise" thread that seems to never end.

Is this change actually being considered?