Rise Request: Lock Courses to Prevent Changes and/or Accidental Deletion

Jun 28, 2018

I have caught myself on more than one occasion modifying the wrong Rise course. Wondering whether there's enough demand to add a lock function at the course level to prevent accidental change or deletion.  Maybe add it to the course menu as shown in the picture?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi William,

Uh oh! Sorry, you've accidentally deleted a few courses or edited them by mistake.  For the course deletion if you recognize it right away there is a handy undo feature to help bring those back or you can always go find it in the Deleted Courses folder. 

We're always on the lookout for new features or ways to make your course authoring easier, so I can pass the idea for a "lock" option along to my team. Thanks for sharing here! 

Katie Riggio

Hi, William!

While we don't currently have a feature to lock courses in Rise, I've shared your insights with our product team. We always appreciate hearing how we can improve Rise, so thanks again for letting us know what you'd like to see–and with a visual!

Perhaps one method can be to create duplicate copies of your courses, so that way you'll at least have the original content accessible to you just in case?

Hope that helps, and thanks for being a part of this community!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Helen, 

That link still shows an error - and it looks still a bit short for the Share link.

When you click inside the Share box, it's important to capture the whole link, as only a portion is visible until you scroll to the right. You could try using the CTRL+A to select all and then Copy the selection to share here. 

helen athey

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for following up. Late Friday evening, a fellow designer had a
chance to look
at my design: Generations.

We think what happened is all of my lesson were bundled into one of the
first lessons ...all the content ran on in a single lesson.

I did not set up the Outline correctly - sectioning off specific content by
lesson title.

This is my first time using RISE and my project is a bit ambitious for a
beginner so this is definitely a beginner mistake. I have since copied over
lessons very carefully checking to see if they are appearing as they
should. This is a wonderful creative tool and I look forward to gaining
mastery over it.

Thank you,


Dino Apostolopoulos

I'm with you William. I've unintentionally edited courses too. A Lock of some sort would be helpful.

There's a few ways this could work:

  1. Like you suggested, a simple Lock in the dashboard view. 
  2. A Lock on a folder.
    1. i.e,. I've setup In Progress and Published folders to sort my courses. But the default dashboard always shows ALL courses. If there was a way to set my "default" view to In Progress courses only it's be less likely to edit my Published courses.
  3. Add a Status feature for each course. e.g., In Progress (editable), In Review (editable) Published (read only).
    • To change a Published course a user would need to a) Change the Status to In Progress, b) Click Edit Course. A two-step process would eliminate accidental edits.
William Grove-Fanning

Dino says: "There's a few ways this could work: A Lock on a folder. i.e,. I've setup In Progress and Published folders to sort my courses. But the default dashboard always shows ALL courses. If there was a way to set my 'default' view to In Progress courses only it's be less likely to edit my Published courses."

Good point, Dino!  Folders might help, but not being able to set the default view IS a shortcoming once one has more than a dozen courses. 

There are a number of issues with organizing courses, one being not able to set the default view.  Another is that for the All Courses page, it's not possible to see what folders courses are in.  With lots of courses I have to open two windows, one set to a folder page and one set to the All Courses page and compare to make sure I haven't missed putting a course into a destination folder.  This issue also applies to Articulate Review.