Rise Scenario Word Limit

Feb 22, 2023

We are looking to use Rise to build simulations but we have hit a snag. It seems the scenario block limits the number of characters you can use in the speech bubbles etc. to 150. Is this seriously a limitation or are we missing something? We may be able to re-write content to reduce the word count but what exactly is the thinking around translation? German for example generally is 30% longer than English.

This is a prohibitive restriction that leaves Rise dead in the water for this application.

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Judy Nollet

This blog includes a cheat sheet with the character limits for Rise: https://endurancelearning.com/blog/rise-character-counts/ 

Yes, the limits can be restrictive. Unfortunately, I think that's the trade-off for Rise being an easy-to-use, form-based tool. If you want more control, you'll have to use Storyline (or other software). 

Gren Foronda

Hi Kai!

You're right, Scenario block dialogue responses are limited to 150 characters. We set that character limit to ensure your text is legible on all devices, especially on smaller mobile screens.

Thanks for sharing that increasing the Scenario block character limit is important for you, especially since you are translating the Rise course into different languages. We'll share this with our team, and we'll let you know if we'll implement this in the future!