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Sandy Rushton

I've run into this issue as well, hoping that the Articulate team can add more responses - up to 5 would be fantastic.

In the meantime I have been playing around with using button stacks to create scenario interactions in Rise, which allows for more options: https://www.brightcarbon.com/assets/AuthenticAssessmentsRise02/

I have written a post about it over on the BrightCarbon blog with all the steps as well! https://www.brightcarbon.com/blog/authentic-assessments-articulate-rise/


dlucky m

I needed 5 choices and created the scenario in storyline, but when I embedded it into Rise, learners using their mobile phones would've seen a video screen and have to press the play button to begin the scenario.  The course wouldn't have been as learner-friendly, so I ended up using storyline instead.  (I don't like having options on different slides - more clicks for the learner.)  In order for Rise-courses to be more learner-friendly and therefore, more usable, please add more choices for the scenario option.