Rise - share or transfer ownership

Aug 23, 2019


I developed a training program in Rise using my subscription of 360.  I'd like to share and/or transfer ownership of the Rise program to my client.  I don't see the option of "collaborators" in my subscription which seems to be the way to transfer.  

Any direction or feedback on this issue will be very appreciated. Thank you!


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Elizabeth Kuhlmann

Hi Holly!  Karl is correct, both you and your client would need to be Articulate 360 Teams subscribers if you wanted to collaborate and work on the same course (where edits you make and edits they make are reflected on the same course).  That said, if you and/or your client are an Articulate 360 subscriber with a personal (non-Teams) subscription, you could always choose the option to "send a copy" to them, where you'll retain a copy and they'll get their own copy to work on.  I hope that helps! 

More on collaborative authoring versus sending a copy can be found here!

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