Rise Size project

Hello everyone,

I have been building a course where there are quite a few videos and STL blocks. The size project once exported was 309Mo. Then I tried to compress and change the videos with the compressed ones, and still the rise exported project size wouldn't reduce (whereas the entire video files are supposed to be 60% less heavier. I don't get why. Any ideas ?

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Angela Drew

Hi Alyssa,  I am having exactly the same issues.  I created a Rise course - and the zipped filed was 175,000KB.  This wouldn't load in our LMS due to the size.  

I went back and compressed all the videos (there were 6 very short ones . 30secs - 2 min), plus compressed all the photos.  When I exported the file again - the zipped file was slightly larger at 176,000KB.  

I don't understand how that has happened?  Do you have any ideas?