Rise, Storyline 360 and LMS scores

Jan 25, 2022

We're using Rise for the first time. Love the program, but found the quiz questions a little lacking. We added in Storyline 360 quizzes. When testing in the LMS, we deliberately failed some of the quiz questions, but "finished" the course. It send back that the course was complete 100% to the LMS. Is there a setting we missed to make sure the score is what allows the user to pass and not just viewing all the content?

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Karl Muller

Hi Karyn,

Completing (finishing) a course and passing the course are two different values in a LMS.

For example, a student can take the final quiz, fail it, and still get a "completed" status for the course. So it's possible for a student to complete a course although they did not achieve a passing grade.

What does the course Export page look like? Which of these tracking options are selected:

  • Track using course completion (set percentage that needs to be viewed)
  • Track using quiz result
  • Track using Storyline block
Karyn Aberts

It isn't reading the storyline file as a quiz, so only gives the option of course completion of storyline block. If we select storyline block, will that read the minimum passing score of just that they finished the block? It seems it doesn't read a passing score. It is starting to seem you have to use the built in quiz questions to Rise - is that correct? If so, that is kind of a bummer.

Karl Muller

Hi Karyn,

There are tracking options you need to select in your Storyline project before re-publishing it. Then in Rise you need to choose "Track using Storyline block".

See this link for details: https://articulate.com/support/article/Rise-How-to-Track-Course-Completion-with-a-Storyline-Block