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Feb 21, 2019

Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to track the questions & their answers on our LMS when using a Storyline block in a Rise course.

I have created a Storyline quiz and added a results slide as normal...published this to Review 360 and added it as a Storyline block in Rise...when publishing the Rise course I chose the 'Track using Storyline block'.

However, when trying to report using our LMS it wont track the questions & responses like you can if you use a Rise course on its own, or a Storyline course on its own. It will report a pass/fail, but not the actual question & response.

Is it that you can't report on the questions/answers when you combine a Storyline quiz into a Rise course or is there something I need to do to enable this type of reporting?

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Allison LaMotte

Hi Mikey,

Storyline blocks don't send any question or score-related information to your LMS, which is why you're running into an issue here.

The track using Storyline block feature allows you to mark a course as complete based on whether or not the learner has completed that Storyline interaction.

The only information that's sent to the LMS is whether or not the learner has completed the Storyline block. 

I hope that makes sense! Here's more information about how that feature works.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with.

Charles Szentesi

We have created a Storyline quiz and added to Rise but even on SCORM cloud - on passing the quiz it is not marking as complete.

We have outputted as SCORM 1.2 - as that is what our LMS requires.

If we output as SCORM 2004 it does mark as complete. Does this mean that if your LMS only works with SCORM 1.2 - this feature of using tracking based on a Storyline quiz is not possible?

Crystal Horn

Hi Charles. It's possible that your particular LMS isn't handling the SCORM 1.2 status the way you'd expect. That will vary from LMS to LMS. In this article, we explain:

SCORM 1.2 is also an aging standard, established in 2001. It only reports one status value, so LMSs must judge what that value means in order to record a completion status and a success status. As a result, you might see different completion and success statuses in different LMSs for the same SCORM 1.2 course. We recommend using a newer standard when possible.

SCORM 2004 is more robust than earlier LMS standards. It reports two status values, so it’s easier for LMSs to determine the completion and success statuses. Rise 360 supports 2nd, 3rd, and 4th editions of SCORM 2004. We recommend using 4th edition for the best results since it often reports a success status of Unknown until learners complete the course. Then the status changes to Passed/Failed.

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