Rise vs Storyline SCORMs in an LMS

Apr 26, 2023


I have created some Storyline courses and added them onto our LMS and they track & report fine.

I have also created some Rise courses and added them onto our LMS and the course tracks fine except the only data it doesn't record is 'number of attempts'. 

Can anyone help explain why storyline would perform differently to Rise in the same system? All SCORMs are SCORM 1.2 with tracking using assessment scores. It doesn't seem to matter how many assessment attempts i set it to it has the same issue. 

I think its to do with our LMS because I've never had this issue before, but i just want to rule out Articulate being the problem :)

Has anyone else come across this issue before?

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John Morgan

Hi Mark,

Great question! I understand you are looking to find out if Storyline courses perform differently than Rise courses after being sent your LMS. I would be happy to get you some information about that! Rise does send over the attempt number to the LMS. I would check in with your LMS to see what they have to say about the issue.

If you'd like to test the course on another LMS, you can use SCORM cloud to do that. It's an online LMS environment that can be used to figure out whether the issue is with the LMS. If you test your course on SCORM cloud and it works perfectly, then your issue is likely LMS-based.

Thanks for reaching out!