Rise & Storyline Can I make a storyline module required?

Apr 25, 2019

I'm doing a new project for a bank that's training tellers with online simulations in Storyline.  There are about 40 transactions that new tellers need to practice in Storyline. 

We'd like to have each of the transactions in a Rise course, but we're not sure if this is feasible. 

1. Each storyline files is about 5 minute long and we wnat to have 40 of them in the rise course. Is that too many storyline files to have?

The bigger question is

2. Is it possible to require completion of the Storyline module in order to complete the Rise interaction? 


Any advice would be appreciated. 

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Tom Kuhlmann

You can insert the blocks into the Rise course. Personally, with that many Storyline blocks, I'd just stick with Storyline to keep production simple.

If you want to require completion, you could lock the course navigation. At the end of each Storyline block add a continue button that requires the user complete the block above.

In the Storyline file you use for the block, you need a course completion trigger so that the continue button works and knows to indicate the demo is complete.

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