4 Storyline Modules in Rise - users getting kicked out after the 2nd module

Nov 05, 2021

HELP!  My Rise course was working perfectly from Review 360, but is kicking users out after 2 of the Storyline modules. I'm concerned about 2 things:

Originally I added the Storyline modules from Review 360. However, after several iterations of the same module, it no longer allows me to select the module from Review. It takes me to File Explorer and I have been inserting an mp4.

At the end of each Storyline module, should I choose complete course or exit course?

There is no quiz per se in any of the Storyline modules. However, there is plenty of interaction


I'm not sure what is causing the issue, or if it is more than one thing. I am pretty new to Storyline and in a bind. People need access to the course.



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Rhoda Green

I did some intense research and trouble shooting. I was able to get the module working. What I have learned is two things - each Storyline module should end with complete course, not exit course. Also, if you need to update the Storyline module in Rise and you are not taken back to Review 360, delete the current video, and then add the module back from Review 360.