Outputting Rise for legal reviews

Jun 15, 2021

Was wondering how other Rise users are outputting Rise modules for legal reviews. We use the storyboard of a Storyline project to send for legal reviews. But we are finding out that generating the pdf from a Rise module is not the best way to submit Rise modules for legal review. So, I am interested in finding out how other Rise users are doing this task.


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Karl Muller

Rise allows you publish the course to a PDF, and you can then convert the PDF to a Word doc if you have the right app. Note that a Word doc created from a PDF can be very difficult to work with.

However, the Word docs we use is not created from the Rise course.

All of our course design and course development is done in Word documents long before we create our Rise courses. Except for the final Rise course build review, all content reviews and approvals are done using the course design Word doc.