LMS (SABA) not marking Rise courses as complete

Hoping for some answers please!

We have developed 5 courses through Rise, exported as SCORM 1.2 and during testing, had no issues with any of the modules.

When we went live for roughly 150 users. Unfortunately we have had mixed results - some users have completed the courses and LMS is marking complete, other users complete a course and LMS not only doesn't mark them as complete but doesn't record completed progress either. 

I & a few colleagues haven't been able to recreate the errors, the modules completed correctly in scormcloud, and it isn't for one specific module - it seems to be random modules for different users.

The modules are all set up as:

- Tracking 100% complete,

- Reporting Passed/Incomplete

- Reset Learner Progress OFF


So far, the LMS provider SABA haven't been able to identify the problem either...it's hard to fix something when you don't know what's broken so any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks..

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Renz Sevilla

Hi Kaneisha! Sorry to hear you're having trouble with your course in your LMS provider. 

Since this is working in SCORM Cloud, can you please try testing this on SCORM Cloud with Debugging enabled? If this is working in SCORM Cloud, you can share these logs with your LMS admin so they can compare findings. They'll know best how to handle these issues in your LMS.

If your LMS provider needs some assistance, please open up a case with and we'll be happy to take a look!