Making Quiz 'modules' in RISE

Oct 26, 2017

We have a course already created, and the content is broken up by modules. 12 scorm files make up the course.

I want to make module quizzes: separate scorm files to follow each training module. Module 1, quiz 1, module 2, quiz 2, etc

I've already done this, making several quizzes in RISE, and they look and function great! I've uploaded them into my LMS with the modules. 

PROBLEM: There is no NEXT button for the quizzes; no CONTINUE to move on to the next module. Each quiz simply offers my LMS's "done" button, which closes the course (seen in screenshot). However, each quiz is simply a stepping stone to the next scorm module. We want users to CONTINUE, not close the course.

Can someone tell me if there is a way to offer some kind of "next" or "continue," or do I have to scrap all my content and start over in Storyline?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mari,

I haven't seen anyone link a Rise course to another Rise course and track within their LMS two separate quizzes, and the times I've seen it done in Storyline it's mostly been for web published output - not an LMS course. The reason being that tracking and reporting each courses/modules results could get murky if the LMS isn't recognizing the connection, users account, etc. 

Perhaps someone in the community has already accomplished this, and can share here with you! I'll keep my eye out for similar ideas too. 😀

Marilana Rufo

Hey Ashley. Thank for your thoughts! I'm not tracking the results of the quizzes, so they're simply marking whether the user completed the content by answering the questions, even if they fail the quizzes. In this way, I'm not worried about tracking, just about adding in a small quiz module element in between each larger content module, if that makes sense.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Mari! Thanks for including the screenshot. If I'm understanding correctly, it looks like the "Done" button is part of your LMS, correct?

What LMS are you using? Could there be a setting there that would allow you to disable the "Done" button? It looks like there are modules across the top of the LMS window--could learners click those modules to proceed to the next lesson?

Marilana Rufo

Hey Alyssa,
Yes, the "done" button is within the LMS (ExpertusOne, currently). I don't believe it's possible to disable it. The content can be tracked from above, but it simply isn't user friendly. Every user's obvious first instinct is to click "done" which then closes the entire course.

Is there a way to get a NEXT button or CONTINUE button if I were to redo the quizzes in storyline360 instead?

Tanya Corlett

Hi Mari,

Long shot, but I don't know if your LMS has a linked module feature. In our LMS you can define modules as being linked, and define the pathway for the user to follow. When you do this our LMS shows the NEXT MODULE button as an option on all but the last module of training. On the last module our LMS shows only an 'Exit' button.

The attached file shows you how we set it up and how it looks to the user. I'm hoping you will have something similar in your system.



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