RISE - Using Matching question how to add image to choices

Jun 01, 2018

Hi I have a matching question that I would like to add to the quiz in RISE.

I would like to create a matching question and add image to the choices.

Is it possible?

If not, what other options would you suggest?

matching question sample


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, VetBloom Learning!  Thanks for sharing your idea.  In the Rise matching question type, you have the option to match two columns of text based choices, and you can include an image at the top.

Check out this quick example of how you could incorporate your choices into that question type:

If you'd really like to customize your quiz options, consider adding a Storyline quiz block to your Rise course.  Storyline gives you full control over how your quiz looks and what types of questions you can include.  You can even track completion of your Rise course with the Storyline block!

Jewels Dymond

Hi it doesn't really work well though, as when it plays the storyline in the rise, but its so small you can hardly see it when it plays. And I set storyline to the max screen size, of 16:9.

It would be better if you would put a function on the matching questions, where we can click on it and add an image if we need to.

Jewels Dymond

and I mean that in Rise, it would be nice if you could upgrade Rise to match question text to images or match images to a text.

Also why can't we just import Rise to Storyline? Instead of inserting links. You can insert links going both ways, but it doesn't really play that nicely and seems to take the learner out of their screens, which feel distracting to the learner.

Jewels Dymond

I fiddled around a little and discovered that you can make the storyline import link,  bigger, you need to look to the left and find those invisible edit buttons, find settings and choose the Storyline Width.

I don't know if you know, but it's really hard to find edit buttons when you are in Rise, can't  you make them darker so we can actually see them, as opposed to just moving your mouse around until something pops up. It's so light it's nearly impossible to find. It's really frustrating trying to edit in Rise due to that.

Jewels Dymond

I wonder if anyone else thinks the command buttons in rise need to be darker too. It's just not dark enough to find your way around when you want to get work done. I thought that would have been a common suggestion, considering. Even the grey text on this page is too light. With more and more companies complying with accessibility, and I noticed that you are too, if  you could just make that grey darker, and darken up Rise. I think you will provide a much better UX.

Not a criticism, its a wish list, because I love using Articulate, but I avoid Rise due to that.

Jewels Dymond

can see it now - typo

if anyone has problems seeing the edit functions in Rise, and you are using windows, go into system and turn on high contrast settings, it makes the boarders on the screen dark, i kept mine with a white background, and it changed the view so you can see the functions.

it's harder on your eyes, but it does work.