Rise Vs Storyline Suspend Data

Our company recently switched from Storyline courses to Rise courses. We have noticed one thing when a user previously accessed the course using storyline the suspend data would write to the database on where that user was in the course and would return them to that location in the course as it is intended to do.

When we moved over to the Rise courses we never cleared out the data and now when the user goes into the course they are having problems loading and I am thinking this is due to the old Storyline data in the database and Rise cannot recognize the suspend data causing the course to have a problem loading. 

Could this actually be the problem? When switching from Storyline to Rise should all of the data have been cleared? We still want to keep the user's score which I believe clearing the suspend data should not effect. 

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Emily Ruby

Hi Danielle,

I am happy to see you are using Rise! When you state that you are replacing Storyline courses with Rise, are you trying to overwrite the Storyline files with a Rise file? If so, this is likely causing the issue, as they are 2 different authoring tools with 2 different published outputs.

To test things further, could you try uploading a Rise file as a newly created content and see if you are still seeing the loading issue? Also, what LMS are you using?

Please let me know how this goes :)

Emily Ruby

Hi Danielle,

I was doing some testing on this in the SCORM Cloud, and I was able to over ride a Storyline course with a Rise course.  The new file loaded without issues.

I went ahead and created a case for you, so please be on the lookout for an email. I would like to see a SL course from your end and I can test in in the SCORM Cloud.