Saving Storyline Data in Rise

Feb 19, 2020

I have created a Storyline 360 presentation that helps students learn how to fill out a W-4 form. If I were to put the standalone Storyline in my LMS, the student would be able to do some of the work and then resume where they left of when they start working on the course again.  When I place the Storyline into a Storyline block in Rise, that functionality seems to be lost. From what I can tell, Rise does not "remember" where the student was and all their work seems to be lost.  Is there a way to save progression in a Storyline block within Rise?  Thanks in advance for any insights into this issue.


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Chris Engebretson

You can store the information on 'locally' and then retrieve it each time the course resumes.  Look up 'localStorage'.  This will get you started.  There is also another option but the data is deleted when the tab or browser is closed, 'sessionStorage'.  So for your situation 'localStorage' will be more helpful.  Make sure to test all situations!