Scenario Block space

I love the new Scenario block and look forward to creating scenarios for Compliance Training. The issue I'm having is 200 characters is not enough to be able to explain the scenario or give the feedback I want to give. Is there any way to expand this to allow more characters?

Also, I have a Start Over button appearing at the end of a scenario. They don't need to start over, I want them to go onto the next scenario. I have chosen at the end to End Scenario. Is this the wrong thing to do? I can't find what is triggering the Start Over button. Is it built in and can't be removed?

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Karin Rex

Aw, thanks, Rosemary!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Rosemary!

We added character limits in the Scenario Block to make sure your text is legible on all devices, especially on smaller mobile screens. What's more, shorter text segments make the interaction more conversational and natural. 

If you need to add more text to a dialogue content, consider adding a few text contents between dialog content. 

Also, the Start over button is built-in, and it allows learners to go back and review the scenario if they would like. You could add a continue button between the scenarios to encourage the learner to move on to the next scenario block.