Scorm infinite loading in Moodle

Apr 12, 2022

I'd be interested to hear from anyone experiencing this & any solutions;

- A simple Rise exported SCORM (1.2) loaded onto the latest Moodle version

- Learner opens course, uses scorm content but then leaves it open (all night?) and Moodle times out

- When a learner tries to open the scorm again; results in infinite loading [for a small minority of learners, not most]

I can reset scorm progress in Moodle, and all is good. But the Moodle host and I cannot figure why the problem with the scorm occurs. I cannot reproduce the issue. The scorm file has vimeo and qualtrics linked content. 

I'm curious whether anyone else has come across this

cheers, chris

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Chris Livermore

We can't reproduce this at the moment, so when it has happened to some learners; it is only found in Chrome and for different courses.

Moodle host is indicating that there's an issue with either the scorm file or the browser. 

I've researched this and found little so not expecting an answer, just thought I'd leave a comment


Anthony Aukamp

Hey Chris,

I just stumbled upon your post in my own research into common issues with Articulate Rise courses exported using SCORM 1.2 hosted on a Moodle LMS. I haven't experienced the exact issue your writing about but may have a related issue so I'm tracking this post and wanted to chime in.

In my experience with Articulate Rise SCORM 1.2 exports the browsers have been at fault for issues I've discovered (SCORM runtime data like bookmarking, completion status, etc do not work or even initialize). My courses don't work properly in Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser. Firefox however has been able to support the older SCORM 1.2 content I have running in Moodle and work as intended (bookmarking works, completion status updates, etc).

Just out of curiosity does your content in question work normally in Chrome as far has the SCORM runtime data (ie., bookmarking, setting completion status, etc)? 


Chino Navarro

Hi Anthony, thank you so much for sharing your findings. To confirm, if you do the troubleshooting steps below, the issue still occurs?

1. Make sure the device and browser are both fully updated.
2. Clear the browser's cache.
3. Access the course with a private/incognito window.

Hi Chris, if you encounter the issue again, could you try the troubleshooting steps above? If the issue persists, could you get the learner's operating system, browser, and browser version?

We would love to take a closer look at this for you both. Feel free to open a case here. Our support engineers are ready to help.