SCORM not saving progress on iOS 13.2.2

Nov 19, 2019


One of our students is having issues saving his progress since he updated his iPad to the 13.2.2 version. Same thing happens with his iPhone with the same version. We did some troubleshooting, and he says he can access from both his Mac computer, and his iPad Mini with 12.4.2. version, so we're guessing it's only the new 13.2.2. version that's causing issue.

Do you know if there's some compatibility issues with this iOS version? If so, is there some way to fix it or will Rise get an update soon?

Thank you

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Internacional de Marketing. I did a quick test from SCORM Cloud using an iPad running 13.2.3, and my progress was saved after exiting and relaunching the course. 

We can help test how the progress is saved with your permission. You can privately share access to your course with us here, and we'll let you know what we see on our end.

Digital Business School

Hi Crystal.

Thank you for your reply. That's strange, we just had a second student complaining about the same thing in regard to their iPad.

Our students are saving their progress on SCORM on our LMS (Moodle). Could that have something to do with it?  It's not just one course either, but all of them since they all have the same configuration and we have never had any issues with iPad users.

Thank you

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