Searching for a course in your Rise library

Just checking I haven't missed something obvious - when I open Rise I see all my courses. I can organise them into folders if I want, but the root will always show me everything.

Is there a way to search for a course by name? This feature exists in Review and I'm really missing it in Rise! Folders don't really help as even if I organise by project, I've still got a  lot of courses and I'd prefer to be able to find the one I want quickly rather than having to scroll through everything.

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Learning Solutions Support

Hi, we also have some issues with the search for courses. When searching for courses, we notice the following: we work with many team seats, which we distribute as needed. Accordingly, when we withdraw the licenses, we also have some folders of the authors where the courses are stored. These do not appear in the All Courses section and if you want to return one of these courses to an author (e.g. for updates), you have to search through the individual folders. This is especially tricky if another author has previously edited the course.
Is there a better solution for that on the way?

Renz Sevilla

Hi, Learning Solutions support!

Right now there isn't something to search through or organize courses and folders to manage them for your team. Our team does have a feature request logged for this capability and I'll make sure you're added to the list. If we make any changes that do help, we'll be sure to update this thread!