Seeking Embed Recs for Discussions and Surveys

Jan 14, 2021

I'm new to the community and to articulate products. Can someone share what the current/best recommendations are for embedding a discussion board interaction into a rise course that allows multiple students to post. Additionally, what are recommendations for embedding a survey question in a rise course that allows the instructor to view the responses, but it not be a graded assignment. Thanks to all who can share recommendations!

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Karl Muller

Hi Cassandra,

Welcome to the community.

If you are using a LMS, most LMS's have an integrated forum or discussion board that can be activated for each course. Likewise, the LMS may also have a built-in survey function.

If you need to have survey in the Rise course itself, this can be done. We use an external survey platform and add the survey to the Rise course using an iFrame. The survey results have to be viewed in the external survey platform.