Sharing projects in Rise to other authors/developers

Nov 28, 2016

Hi there,

Is there an option/method of sharing a Rise project (developed and living on my own account) to another developer in my team? This will be for developing purposes and not viewing purposes. I understand the "Share" option allows me to send the link to a viewer, but not an editor.

Please advise?


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Matt Leggett

I second Rachel, the ability to collaborate on the same course is a feature we as a development team are in desperate need of. I realise there is the 'send a copy' feature, but this quickly becomes unmanageable maintaining who has the most up to date version. For me, the best solution would be a 'team' area where we can all access the same files. Be good to have an update as the comments at the top of this thread suggest a solution has been in the works for a long time

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