Sharing with "Everyone" in Teams Folders

Oct 27, 2023


I'm looking for an answer about the "Everyone" option. Our organization has many seats from different departments on one account. Within the admin view, those seats are separated into subteams. We do not need visibility to courses across departments. Currently, it seems that the only option we have is to manually add users one by one to create subteam visibility. Is there any way to pull in or set up a group by subteam for ease of sharing courses in Rise?


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there, Jenna! Right now, the only group you can share a folder with is the "Everyone" group. I can see how being able to share a folder with an entire subteam would be helpful, though! That's great feedback for our Beta Feature Feedback: Rise 360 Dashboard Experience. Our product team would love to get your feedback there!