Show different slides depending on quiz result

Jun 22, 2023

Is there a way to lead the learner to different slides depending on the result of the quiz in Rise 360?

For example, if the learner didn't answer questions 3 and 5 correctly, is there some way to show them new slides on those topics? And learners who have answered everything correctly are taken to the next lesson.

Is something like this possible in Storyline without building the whole quiz in Storyline?

Thank you very much

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Lea Agato

Hi there, Natalie! You can create branched scenarios in Rise; however, it isn't possible to add branching based on quiz results at the moment. We currently have a feature request logged for this, so I’ll go ahead and include your voice. We'll let you know here if we have updates on this feature.

Storyline courses are easily customizable, and you can create a scenario-based course with as many branches as you like. Can you share more about why you need the branching feature, specifically in Rise? Sharing your use case will help us advocate more for this feature.

Natalie Claypole

Many thanks for the answer!

My client has different courses.
Knowledge builds on each other.

Now it may be that a learner did the first course a few years ago and therefore no longer passes the quiz in the second course. If so, the client wants the learner to see content from the first course. If the learner passes the quiz, this is not necessary as they still know everything.

It is important that all quizzes are mobile responsive.

If you build that logic in Storyline, do you have to build the whole quiz in Storyline? Or can the results from the Rise 360 quiz be transferred to a storyline slide?

Is it even possible to build this logic in Storyline?

Hazel Bartolome

Hi there, Natalie! Thanks for giving more information on what you want to accomplish. Storyline 360 is indeed the tool you need to create the course that you want.

Here's a link that has information on Six Branching Scenarios, created in Storyline.

To answer your other question, the results from a Rise 360 quiz cannot be transferred to a Storyline slide.