Skip function causing navigation issues

Feb 22, 2022

In a Rise course, we included the Skip function for an optional lesson.  The Skip funciton does move the user to the next lesson but it appears the skipped lesson is not tracked as complete.  The progress/circle bar remains incomplete.  For some reason this prevents the user from moving past the following lesson.

Our only fix to get the user moving again is to log into their account and manually scroll through the optional lesson for them.

Most users navigate through these two lessons without issue but many do not.

We host this course in our own LMS and each time we update the course, the entire eight hour course is saved as a new version, along with all previous versions.  As such, I'd like to fix this ONE TIME.

Does anyone have any solutions?

Thank you!

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Brian Quinnett

I think I see the problem.  I used the Button feature to build the Skip Module link just moving the user to the next lesson.  I assume this set up is not tracking the lesson as complete.

Tracking is being exported as:  Track using course completion.

I don't see a function that allows a skip lesson function that will work.  As this module is all text, I could just put it into a PDF and include it in another lesson as optional content.

Uness there is a way to build a functional skip option in a way that does not trip up navigation?


Brian Quinnett

That makes sense.  I assumed the Skip function would mark the skipped lesson as completed.  

But the issue isn't that the course cannot be completed.  The skipped lesson causes the course to stop the user from moving on from the NEXT module.  So, they complete the following lesson and aren't allowed to move forward and they contact us with the issue.

Unless there is a function that allows users to skip a lesson and designate that lesson as completed (for tracking purposes), then I will just include the information in a pdf file for download in another lesson. 

Thanks for your help.

Carol Dawson

Have you considered putting the optional lesson at the end and use buttons to navigate to it and then back to the next section? That might alleviate the issue of not being able to move on.  I also have figured the actual percentage they would get without the skipped section and set that (or a little less) as the required percentage.