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May 25, 2022


I primarily work with software training and use Rise / Storyline. Our software is constantly changing, some changes are small and some are big where we have to reteach a new way to do something. The issue that I am having is when I update the content, I will then have to reupload files. When I do this, the LMS will knock the learners progress and make them restart. We have dozens of learners all in different spots and have to take this training as required training. Has anyone found a workaround this? I feel that its not sustainable for me to continue to structure module after module if I am having to update. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can design a better course where its not as difficult to update?

Any suggestions is appreciated. At this point, I just want to pull all of my hair out.






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Math Notermans

Smaller modules ? Or design / develop your course on a LMS / CLMS directly...thus no need for Scorm and upload... changing is updating.

Another option might be creating modules as HTML5 and using xApi ( or a database ) to write user status/progress. That way you donot use Scorm and a LMS for progress, but maintain that yourself or through xApi. That way when changing/updating content the progress/status is independent of the new added content and should work. I can help if needed  to make this work in Rise / Storyline.

Kind regards

Mary Gillis

Hi! In a recent move to our parent company, my teammates use an authoring tool that allows them to make changes in the cloud that updates their SCORM package in our LMS which does not require uploading a new SCORM package. They republish the course and it updates in the LMS.

Is that something that Articulate will be doing in the future? I love the features, look and feel of RISE more than their tool, but that is a huge advantage for many reasons.