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Jun 19, 2019

Hello Team! If this discussion has been addressed previously, please direct me to the discussion. 

We have a number of Rise and Storyline courses in our LMS. The Storyline courses will ask the user if they want to restart or resume when accessing after the initial launch of the course. Rise, however, does not. When a user accesses a Rise module previously launched it automatically takes them to the last lesson viewed. There is a "Start" button on the menu page, which changes to "Continue" when they return to the course, which is great. But what is the value of this feature if the learner doesn't return to the menu page when they launch the course again? One would only see it if they click on the tile (in the sidebar) to return to the menu. Which takes me to my 2nd question.

When I click on Continue, it actually takes me to the first lesson in the module. Shouldn't the expected behavior is to return to the last lesson viewed?

Is it possible for the user to return to the menu page, then click "continue" to return to the last lesson viewed?

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Crystal Horn

Hi Erin. We have a feature request to let learners choose to resume or restart their course, and I'll add this discussion! I'll also share your perspective with my team that changing the label of the Start button when the course resumes and not the function of that button is a little confusing. 

The expected behavior for learners resuming a Rise 360 course in an LMS is that they will immediately return to the lesson where they left off with progress intact.

Let me know if you have other questions!

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