Storyline block in Rise Course - starts with black 'play' screen

Feb 06, 2023

Hi all. I have a Storyline drag and drop activity which is successfully imported into a RISE course as a block. 

One small issue is that in its initial state on RISE it appears as a black screen with a 'play' icon. In Storyline the initial screen is the starting slide (which is white) and the various drag/drop objects, etc.

Anyone know how I get it to show up on RISE the same way it looks on its initial slide in Storyline? In other words, no 'play' icon and no black screen?

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James W Henry

Thanks Karl! I went through that thread and was able to get it fixed (so far at least).

There were a lot of references to "exporting as video" on that thread, which I didn't quite understand, and didn't apply to my slide set.

In summary, in case anyone else wants to know what I did-- Just

  • take a screencap of your current 1st slide and paste that onto a new blank slide.
  • This new slide will now become your course's new 1st slide.
  • Set that slide's to an ultra short timeline (in my case 0.5 seconds).
  • Set a trigger to advance to the next slide when timeline finishes on current image/slide.
  • Re-export your course to Articulate 360 and import into Rise.
  • Hope for the best!


Tim St. Clair

Hmm. I had this too. But I just went into SL's Player Properties and set the style to Modern. I then clcked Colors & Effects and chose the Light skin (Dark is default). Rise still takes ages to load Storyline files even with Menus&Controls set to off, nothing can be done about that. But in the 'Light' theme it shows up white for me to begin with.

James W Henry

Thanks for your comment,Tim. Actually it's sorted out now.

I am using the light theme without any player controls active on the Storyline project anyway, as I pretty much always do.

The solution I found is posted above in my reply to Karl, and is similar to the common approach by others on the thread Karl posted.



Debra McClure

Hi Everyone, 

I am new to Storyline and having the same black screen launch problem in Rise 360 when using Storyline blocks. However, there is a little box in the Player that allows you to select the first slide as a cover photo. I still get a black border even when changing the background color in the Player, but it's somewhat better. I tried the solution above and couldn't get it to work to start a quiz. 

Best regards,


Danielle Ryan

Thanks all - I tried James's solution (with the addition of the 'light' player colour settings) and it has worked. It does look a little glitchy due to the loading 'dots' and the initial image not being exactly the same quality as the slide, but it stands out less than the black square and looks more integrated rather than an add on. If anyone has found any other ways to finesse it I'd be really interested.