Articulate Storyline Blocks in Rise 360 not automatically playing when there is audio

Oct 05, 2020

Hi there

Please can you assist or provide some guidance as to why this black play screen displays when adding an Articulate Storyline block into Rise 360?

The only difference I have noticed to my other Storyline interactions is that this one contains audio on the layers. Is there no way to create streamlined experience with Storyline blocks which have audio in Rise 360? This black play screen takes away so much from the overall design of the course. 

Thanks in advance

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Lyn Plymyer

The black screen on launch happens for me also and this fix solved the problem...thank you Alyssa! 

Does anyone know WHY this happens? I have 2 back to back SL blocks in Rise, and the second is duplicated from the first. The second plays fine, the first launches with the black screen and the play button. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Lyn! Your browser uses that play button as permission to play media automatically. Once you've clicked the play button once, your browser knows it can play media automatically for future Storyline blocks. I'd want to take a peek at your lesson to be sure, but it sounds like that's why you're only seeing the play button on the first Storyline block.

Math Notermans

Basically its a simple change inside the Articulate Javascript files to get it working.
See here for a sample on Review. A click is needed offcourse to start...but not the bigblackscreen as is...
To show it works in Rise too...
As you can see the video autoplays... the audio needs a click...but bigblackscreen of horror needed.

Whats needed is a small change in the slides.min.js thats in the Articulate programme folder.
Adding that here...

Make sure you first rename your original slides.min.js to so you have it available when something goes wrong...

Lyn Plymyer

Reposting to ask about this issue again. Inserting a blank slide with a jump trigger to the next slide fixes the black screen that shows as a placeholder in Rise, but it also then doesn't autoplay the audio (no video, just audio) that should start as soon as that (previously first) slide launches in Rise. The audio will play if the screen is clicked (as if I'm clicking to play a video) but I need the audio to start without any additional clicking. I even added a trigger to play audio when timeline starts but no luck. Any advice how to fix this so audio autoplays on launch?