Storyline 360 Blocks in Rise 360 Not Working with Mobile Preview

Jan 11, 2023


I've been using Storyline 360 blocks in our Rise 360 content, and it's been a great addition! I've tried to test out the preview on desktop, tablet, and mobile but the Storyline 360 block does not work on the mobile preview. When I access the Storyline 360 block via mobile preview, there is a black screen with a play button but when I click the play button, nothing happens. Is this simply an issue with the preview button or are Storyline 360 blocks not compatible with mobile devices?

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Nat Hampson

Hi Jim,

You may want to change the name of this post because I believe it says 'now' instead of 'NOT'.

We are experiencing a similar problem which results in learners being able to click the PLAY arrow on the Storyline block (on a mobile phone) and completing the eLearning however then there is no way to continue with the RISE course. The course is simply stuck.

This is quite a barrier for us. I will raise an issue with Articulate too.



Maui Jim

Thank you Natalie! We found that on Mobile, once the learner completes the storyline block on a mobile device, they then have to click the 'X' at the top of the screen to return back to the Rise course that it's in. It's causing some confusion with our learners. I hope there is a better solution to this.

Kelly Auner

Hi Nicole,

I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing an issue with Storyline blocks. I'd like to ask a few clarifying questions to help me better understand what you're seeing.

  • On what device is this issue happening?
  • Can you reproduce the issue by viewing the course in another browser?
  • Are you seeing an error message when you play the Storyline block?

If you're still having trouble, please feel free to reach out to Support Engineers so they can test your file. You can open a case, here!


Hi LiG,

I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing this issue as well!

I see you've connected with my teammate, Lejan, in a support case. You're in great hands! We'll continue the conversation there.

Felix Franke

Thanks Alyssa, that is a good tip. Doesn't solve the issue which we are also seeing that the course gets stuck on a cell phone after ending the SL block.

I have used a trick:

1. you have to use the classic Storyline player as the modern player does not show the X to close th popup window.

2. In my case, I could not access the X to close the "overlay window" blocking access to the menu in the course (it's a short course anyway) so at least the learner can see and access the x in the corner to close the "lightbox" and continue (it's not a lightbox within SL, but it is like a slide in front of the course)

It's the first time we do a course which we expect quite a few people to do on their mobile devices...

Jack Ding

Das schwarze Fenster, das auf Mobiltelefonen nach dem Einbetten von Bewertungsdokumenten in Rise erscheint, ist ein inakzeptables Phänomen.
Seit Jahren ist Rise ein sehr beliebtes Tool, und seine Entwicklung und Aktualisierungen waren zu langsam, und es gab seit sechs Jahren keine Neuigkeiten zu einigen kleineren nützlichen Funktionen, was enttäuschend ist.



Mary H

I'm having a similiar issue. I want to create simple interactivities using Storyline, but they need to play inline. However I see this doesn't work on mobile devices. Clicking on a big arrow on black screen spoils the user experience, and the pop out with x to close is disconcerting. Worse, the Rise course scrolls behind the pop up.

Chris Freebairn


I’m creating a series of courses in Rise that use checkbox lists as a vehicle for collating insight about a user’s current situation that can be referred back to later and even post-course completion. 

Because the checkbox lists in Rise appear to me to serve no purpose, I’m having to use Storyline blocks with Javascript to store variables, then recall them later in the course so that the user can print all checklists with their selections, so they have a record of what they have done, and what is outstanding. All work perfectly until viewed on anything smaller than a desktop/laptop.

Rise seems to be quite flawed when it comes to using Storyline blocks. As in, there is no fallback option for content that won’t work as it should on certain devices. Having a fallback option is pretty basic for a responsive product; if the viewport is desktop/laptop, then show section A. If the viewport is smaller than a desktop, then show section B.

I can’t be the only person that can’t see any value in a checkbox interaction if the data can’t be stored and recalled later.

This would give the checkbox some meaningful purpose, as the user could add to it later in the course or print various checklists within a course at the end of a course, with all their selections displayed, allowing the user to see which tasks still need to be completed.

For the price of Articulate 360, I’d really like to see one of two things happen, but ideally both:

1. Develop the ability to store and recall variables in Rise without the need for Storyline

2. Develop a fallback experience so users on a desktop can see the rich Storyline content, but users on smaller devices are presented with an alternative (lesser) experience using a Rise block.

The black screen and play button is one of the worst user experiences I’ve seen in a long time and completely breaks any flow state achieved.

It’s really not difficult from a development perspective.

Are any of these in the pipeline?


Olivier Querenet


Je rencontre actuellement le même problème. 

Je viens de créer un module Rise comportant un module Storyline. 

Lorsque je visualise mon module sur mobile, le module story ne s'affiche pas. On a une image noire avec une flèche blanche et le titre donné au fichier du module. Quand on clique le module s'ouvre mais l'expérience n'est pas bonne car le module story s'affiche par dessus le contenu Rise. 

Quand on scrolle l'arrière plan (contenu Rise défile) et le module story ne bouge pas. Impossible de fermer le story et de revenir sur Rise. 

Avez-vous des solutions ? Des paramètres à modifier ? Des paramètres d'export Story
à changer ? Du javascript à ajouter dans le fichier story ? 

Cela nous ennuie beaucoup. Nous avons utilisé Rise pour offrir une expérience mobile adéquate mais le block storyline pose problème. 

Merci pour votre retour



Skogsstyrelsen ⠀

I'm getting this problem as well, looking forward to it beeing solved.

I've inserted a Storuline block into Rise and shared it with a link. If i review it in desktop mode it works as expected. But if I use my browser dev tools to view it on mobile size and reload the page, the Storyline block doesn't pre-load but instead need activation by clicking on it, and then it seems to open up in a seperate layer from the rest of the course. 

If i load the lesson on desktop and scroll down to the Storyline block before switching to mobile view, then it works just fine.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, André,

Storyline blocks will not reliably auto-play in mobile browsers. To view the interaction on a mobile browser, learners will need to click the play button.

Storyline blocks will also open in an overlay within a Rise 360 lesson on mobile devices. Since Storyline 360 slides are not fully responsive, meaning the content doesn't reflow to fit the screen, Rise 360 will push the Storyline block to the front of your mobile screen to take advantage of as much screen space as possible. The Storyline interaction may appear too small and almost unusable if it stays inline with the rest of the Rise 360 content on smaller screens.

Skogsstyrelsen ⠀

Thanks for your reply! And thanks for explaining the reasoing behind it functioning like this.

From my pont of view, building courses for mobile-first, I want to use Storyline blocks for custom interactions and design them knowing the content wont reflow. I think the current solution is a bit counter-intuitive from an end-user point of view, and kind of ruin the experience of the seamless integration between Rise and Storyline.

Would it be possible to add a setting to the Storyline block in Rise where one could choose whether it should open inline or in an overlay on mobile? 

Certainly on top of my wish-list. Otherwise, great product! 

Swift  Medical

I understand what you are saying but in my course, the actual block moves up in the course so it looks like it doesn't exist at all. 

Users would need to scroll up in the course, and then the block is on top of other content randomly in that area. Usually when overlays open, they appear in the center of the screen and have a dark background to make it clear that there is an overlay. They usually also make the content "stuck" 

Do you have any recommendations for adjusting elements in my course to make it reasonable for users. 

I included the images of how it is above (about 4 full sections above), and the block where it starts is completely empty. 

I also agree with the comment about allowing it to be inline, at least it could function compared to what is happening right now.