Storyline 360 Blocks in Rise 360 Not Working with Mobile Preview

Jan 11, 2023


I've been using Storyline 360 blocks in our Rise 360 content, and it's been a great addition! I've tried to test out the preview on desktop, tablet, and mobile but the Storyline 360 block does not work on the mobile preview. When I access the Storyline 360 block via mobile preview, there is a black screen with a play button but when I click the play button, nothing happens. Is this simply an issue with the preview button or are Storyline 360 blocks not compatible with mobile devices?

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Alisa D

I was about to post the same issue about storyline not working in mobile mode but it turned out to just be an issue with preview with the desktops 'mobile view' not being able to play the storyline. When I previewed it on an actual phone it was playable! 

It would be nice if the storyline could also go full screen mode like when the videos get played (as storyline plays with the browser navigation bar still showing, while video doesn't,  but unsure if that is an iOS recognition side of it that is out of articulates control).