SOLVED: Storyline block not allowing mobile users to exit

Hi all,


I created a course in rise that uses quite a few SL blocks. The problem I'm having is that, when accessing this course in Articulate Review from my iPhone, once I click the 'Play' button on the block, I'm unable to return to the Rise page. When activated, the SL block maximizes on my window and I am unable to see any of the other content in the Rise lesson. I tried swiping in all directions, but the SL block takes over the screen as if it's a lightbox with no exit button. Has anyone had this experience? Did I make a mistake building the SL block? Any advice would be helpful.


**EDIT: Solution below




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craig Sumner

Hi Trenton, I have seen this before, and found that sometimes the cross to close the content did not show.

I found it was dependant on the rotation of my phone or the browser I was using.

I never really solved this, as we ended up removing our storyline content as I found a way to produce what I needed with one of the Rise Blocks.

Trenton Irons

Hi there,

The support team gave me a solution. They stated that it appears to be a software bug with the modern player. It was found that if you change the player from modern to classic in your Storyline block (then re-publish and re-select the block within Rise), you won't have those issues.