Storyline Block work in RISE - suggestions for improvements

Dec 06, 2019

Hi there,

I can see a few discussions oh now Storyline block works in RISE. However, I would like to suggest some improvements to how it is organized, which as I can see was not discussed yet.

Right now the Storyline block is, in fact, the tool to replace non-existing functions of RISE, especially practice or quizzes. And it's possible to make tracking by this block, which is great. And use exactly this for my course.

Overwise, it is very confusing. Once the learner opens the lesson with the Storyline element it is marked as completed, even if the learner did not do anything. In Storyline I track progress on the percentage of completed questions. So the lesson in RISE MUST NOT be marked as completed until it's not. Overwise user sees checkmarks in each lesson, 100% percent of progress inside of the course, then close it, and the course is not completed in LMS.

It also would be great to have an opportunity to choose if Storyline block restarts or continues.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts does anybody need this as well or not?



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Tatiana,

You can require learners to complete the Storyline Block. Simply add a "complete course" trigger to the final slide in the Storyline content, and add a continue block to your Rise 360 lesson after the Storyline block. See this article for details.

You also mentioned you'd like the Storyline block to resume where you left off. Right now, Storyline courses in Rise 360 always start over from the beginning when learners revisit them. I'll let our team know about your request!

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