Success and Completion

Sep 10, 2020


I have created a Rise course in which I added a number of lessons, each containing a Storyline block.

Once I completed the course, I exported it to LMS (Scorm 1.2) by selecting the Passed/Incomplete reporting completion status.
The LMS allows me to see which students passed the entire Rise course, but it does not allow me to track the percentage of course completion (or the status of each lesson).

Is it possible to track the completion percentage, or lesson completion, within the Articulate software - or is there any other option I can use to track students' progress?



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Claire Covington

We have been having the same issue. This post answers the issue we've been grappling with for the past few weeks. We have started to break the lessons out of one Rise course and create each lesson as a course to track progress in our LMS. We're investigating the consequences of having each lesson as a stand-alone course in the LMS.

Carol Dawson

We are just starting to explore this possibility. We use the Cornerstone On Demand LMS. Publishing courses using SCORM 2004 has allowed me to generate reports on answers at the question level. We're using it to have learners indicate an answer to a compliance question that requires followup.