Tracking using course completion

Apr 26, 2017


I've uploaded a Rise training to the LMS with the option "track using course completion".  Upon completion of the training, the course's status is Passed...but I would like it to be "Completed". Is that possible to manage in Rise?


Thank you!

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Stuart Marshall

I had this problem too and (until the option to select the desired reporting pairing exists in Rise for course completion courses) there is a fairly simple solution to change 'passed' to 'completed'.

Unzip the scorm package and then open the index.html file in a text editor. There is one line (line 84) that needs amended: change var reporting = 'passed-incomplete'; to var reporting = 'completed-incomplete';

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Ina,

Thanks for chiming in! Are you having some trouble with a Rise course sending completion data to Moodle?

While I don't have specific experience with that LMS, I know there are quite a few Moodle-users in this community. If you can let us know a bit more about the trouble you're having, we can point you in the right direction!

Paul MacDonell


I've done that. What happens is, once I re-zip and upload to the LMS, when the course is taken, only a very small portion of the module is considered complete. Because I have a locked survey below it, the user is not able to do the survey until I manually mark them as completing the main module.

Kate Jurd

For Blackboard LMS, Can you track a Rise course with the option 'track using course completion" 100% ie they have viewed all the blocks within the course. I have knowledge checks throughout the course, but these are for learning and are not graded.

In blackboard grading, do you select for grade score: 

  • Scorm score
  • Scorm completion

and then for grade timing, Scorm or Sco:

1. When SCORM is completed, display score in Grade Center OR

2.  When SCO is completed, display score in Grade Center:

Rosemary Aylward

I don't understand what the fix is. Is there something special I need to do in RISE so the LMS will recognize completion?

I seem to be having the same issue others have talked about. When I complete the course I created in RISE, the Rise panel shows it as complete but the LMS does not. It eventually recognizes if when you close the course but we have trained our folks to look for the course to be complete in the LMS before they shut down.